Ottawa Rec
JULY 23 2024
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Everybody wants a clean game and nobody wants to get hurt. The higher your skill level, the greater your obligation to look out for other players. We really discourage rough play, even between friends or family members, because it can change the enjoyment of the game for other players. It's hockey, it's a fast, emotional game, but we just don't tolerate physical infractions. It's up to you to tell a player when they go over the line. Report a player if the problem continues but don't retaliate.


  • Close the bench doors quickly.
  • No slap shots into traffic.


  • Try for balanced lines
  • Quick line changes
  • Pass the puck


  • Respect the goalies.
  • Don't shoot at the goaltender's head and shoulders in the warm up.
  • Make sure they are ready for slap shots in the warm up.
  • Don't keep trying for the puck after the goaltender covers up.
  • And, don't crash the net.