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JULY 23 2024
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What Is Ottawa Rec Hockey?

Ottawa Rec Hockey is not a typical league - it is pickup-style hockey for adults. We play regularly scheduled games year-round at great times, and we offer, fast non-contact action. For a lot of players, it's better than a league.

We think Ottawa Rec Hockey has the best of everything. It's a team sport without the pressure, because the rosters change for every game. These are exciting games with a good mix of skill levels and convenient times - early mornings, evenings and weekends. We don't have referees because we don't need them, but we always have goalies. More than 200 skaters and goalies now play in one or more of the weekly 60, 90 and 120 minutes games - yes, that's two full hours with a ten-minute break to resurface the ice.

Ottawa Rec Hockey wants to expand by offering more friendly competitive games. Many new players are referred by players who are already playing, chosen from friends, family and colleagues or they heard about Ottawa Rec Hockey and want to play in friendly, competitive games.

How Do I Get Involved?

First of all, sign up, so we can get your contact information, learn about your background and skill level and most important, find out when you want to play. Then you will hear about the games you are interested in, new games and special one time games that members sign up to play in.

Getting In The Games You Want

Until you get into regular games you can work your way onto the spares list to replace regular players that have to miss a game. To spare in a game, contact the Game Manager (GM) of the game you are interested in, or the co-ordinator through email or from the web site. Remember two things: always leave a cell/tel number (spares can even be called on game day) and please don't ask to spare until you know you can play.

Before you get called up, be sure to check the rules and guidelines. There aren't many but we expect people to follow them. If the other players don't think you belong, you won't be invited back. End of story.

When you get called up be sure to bring your completed waiver form (download from the website), cash and two jersies - light and dark. Depending on the length of the game, spare fees vary. You can find the spare fees for each game in the season info link on our main page.

Still Need More Information?

To request additional information please fill out our feedback form.