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DECEMBER 06 2021
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Winter 2021-22

Follow this link for the ORH Waiver

Ottawa Rec Hockey continues, January 2022:

 Current Ice times:

Please forward info to colleagues and friends!

Playing & Paying Your Fees:

Regular players' support keeps ORH games going. In return, regular players get the best prices including insurance & hold their spots season to season. 

Contact Game Manager’s (GM’s) to request an open spot in the game. Once GM confirms a spot:

Payment is by Interac e-transfer to robmillican@gmail.com. Include day/time of game(s) & GM that confirmed a spot & your email in remarks section of transfer).

Once you e-transfer your fees - complete the waiver/consent form at the site – and forward to your GM.

Players can withdraw from an ORH game with a refund, before a contract is in effect, for the game (subject to admin fee). Fees can be applied to joining another game, space permitting.

If we can't fill a game, it will be cancelled & participants will be refunded or, space permitting, can apply fees to another game.

If the program is shut down for public health reasons, we may be obligated to fulfill our contractual obligations & in that case no refunds would be possible. This has not occurred to date.

Goalies do not pay to play but commit to being at games. When you can't, contact the GM with sufficient time for him to find a replacement.

May need to start on spare goalies list for the game. Contact with availability.

Complete the waiver/consent form at the site – and forward to your GM. Waiver must be completed and forwarded to GM before first game, electronically. 

All players should sign up for a members account & receive email updates. If you have an account, log in and update your information.

General questions, check site or contact bari.ansari@yahoo.ca or robmillican@gmail.com.

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